Why Some Children Need Private Tutoring?

Some parents hire a private tutor for their children, in this post, we explain some reasons why they need to do so.

Parents don’t have time

Parents do not have (enough) time to work / study with the child for school:

The parents are often very absorbed in work and household chores and have no free capacities to help the children with their homework or with school issues. One way is to get tutoring and still support the children .

Parents do not know the subject matter

It is often decades since the children’s school material was last used.

The demands that schools place on the children are often very high and not all parents have the relevant specialist knowledge. Here  tutoring can step in and help.

Stressed parent-child relationship

Parents do not want to burden the relationship with the child with school issues:

Some parents do not want to burden their relationship with their children with school and keep the potential for conflict as small as possible. They are happy when someone from outside looks at school material, the upcoming tests and homework with the children.

Many parents have studied with their children for school, but the mood in the family can suffer. An external tutor can help here: As an external learning partner, he / she can, if desired, develop a more confident, distanced and less stressful relationship with the child or student.

Teachers don’t have time

The class teacher or lecturer does not have enough time for individual explanations and individual coaching:

In a normal school, teaching or university business there is not always enough time for individual explanations and individual help.

Sometimes the teacher does not have enough time for everything and everyone. If a child / student / student needs additional individual explanations or explanations, tutoring can be the right way. The tutoring has even more the character of targeted, punctual support.

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