Is It Cheaper To Film A Movie On Location

15 Real Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

The public is always curious about where movies are filmed. For everybody that has done a shoot on location knows that it’s a very exciting when compared to filming in the controlled environment of sound stages. Cinematographers have to battle the weather elements, public pedestrians, every piece of equipment must be packed into trucks that are often a lot further away from the shooting location and so on. There are many challenges that shooting on location will bring, especially if this is a new experience. But when it is all said and done, the movie watcher will appreciate the efforts.

There are many challenges that shooting on location will bring but from my experience, some of the biggest challenges have been the most fun times on set. Some large scale productions that are filmed in a remote location like New Zealand may add 2 weeks where the challenge of how to communicate to a crew of about 200 with no phone reception and sketchy

internet. Staff may have to stay in multiple different locations within a 2-hour drive. That was tough but I got to experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and was able to share this vision with the viewers. Putting these impressive images on film has been very rewarding.

That was tough but I got to experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world (while wearing waders every day and it constantly raining). Here’s a few tips that will help you prepare for those long days on location.

Featured Filming Locations

There are multiple reasons why production companies spend thousands of dollars hiring studios to create sets and film in. One of them is the extra bump in and bump out time it takes the crew when on location. Crews end up doing more hours pushing trolleys in and out of locations. Often more manpower is needed to cope with the extra workload.

This requires more catering and so exponentially the costs increase. When planning on location shoots don’t neglect the extra bump in and out time for crews and the associated costs this will incur. Many departments will need a pre-call just to get equipment to the location or it may eat into your shooting day before you can even think about rolling cameras. Again at the end of the day departments will need extra time to bump out of the location and pack the truck before they are finished. This will effect their turnaround time for the following day so call times may need to be adjusted.

Public Locations Filming

  • Luke Skywalker’s hideaway was filmed at kellig Michael, an island off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland
  • Jakku was filmed in Rub’ al Khali desert, Abu Dhabi
  • D’Qar was filmed in Berkshire, England, at Royal Air Force Greenham Common (RAF)
  • The woods surrounding Maz Kanata’s castle on the planet Takodana were filmed in Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean